Our company

Our company "KREATA MAKEDONIAS" ASTERIOU BROS is for three generations one of the most recognized companies in meat processing and trading in Greece.

Since 1928, our perseverance in quality along with the:

  • modern facilities owned,
  • technological infrastructure and
  • highly skilled manpower,

strongly established our position in the field.

Hence, our company is among the most healthy and continuously growing companies in Greece today, offering top quality products.


Since 1928 we have been working on the field of livestock market and meat trade, owning farms with cattle, sheep and goats, mainly working in the region of Central and East Macedonia and Thrace. In 1984 the opening of our first butcher shop takes place in Martiou area (38 Thermopylon Street) while simultaneously we expand the meat trade in lambs.

Our first transfer occurs in 1991 in Kapani, Thessaloniki (16 Menexe Street) where we enrich the variety of our products with all kinds of meat and meat preparations.

In 2003 the wholesale trade moves in New Meat Market in Thessaloniki (Store 8) where meat processing and packaging are added to our activities with approval code A 208 EU.

In 2004 our second retail establishment opens in Kordelio, Thessaloniki (45 A. Papandreou Street).

In 2005 a second store opens in New Meat Market in Thessaloniki so as to be able to meet the requirements of our customers.

With the completion of 30 years in the field, we proceed to the implementation of an investment of over € 3.500.000,00 for the construction of our owned facilities of 1.350.00 m2 in an area of ​​5.000 m2. A “Model Unit of Trading- Processing – Meat Standardization and Meat Products Preparation" is constructed in Kanari block 625 B’ Pontou Street, Kalohori ( B’ K.T.E.O. region).

The unit is fully equipped with the latest machinery concerning meat processing, meat standardization as well as meat products preparation. Moreover, the unit was constructed in accordance with the International and European standards based on the legislation applied on food and consumer safety assurance.

With the completion of the unit’s construction in mid- 2015 we proceed to the company’s transfer. This way, we are now able to meet the requirements of our customers, both in Greece and abroad, as well as the high standards concerning the quality assurance of our products.


Our unit has:

  • a cold store of 550,00 m2 for the preservation of fresh and frozen meat,
  • one last generation rapid freezing tunnel,
  • a production and transfer air-conditioned area of 750,00 m2 ,
  • storage capacity for over 850 tons of products.


The building and productive facilities meet all modern standards assuring high quality and hygiene according to the International and European specifications with:

  • Modern traceability system,
  • Central cooling system,
  • Regular and systematic checks at every stage of handling and processing of our goods and products,
  • Recurrent staff training.

We go ahead showing respect to the morals ​​and tradition, combined with experience and know-how in order to meet modern requirements and offer high quality products to our customers.

What is more, we apply International standards such as HACCP, ISO 22000:2005 & FSSC 22000 in regard to food safety assurance. Taking all the above as granted, we can guarantee for the processing of our products (sales and distribution) thanks to our modern refrigerator trucks and trucks and for the transfer of live animals.

FSSC 22000

ISO 22000:2005

Merchandise and Products

Our company is constantly growing strong because of its ability to meet the most demanding requirements due to the wide range in:

- imported (Cattle, Pork, Chicken, Rabbit)

  • Bone-in
  • Deboned
  • Fresh
  • Frozen

- Greek (cattle, pork, lamb, chicken, rabbit),

- meat products and cold cuts,

- And with great experience and knowledge in the category of Exclusive Meat.


There are special breeds of beef meat such as Black Angus, Aberden Angus, Hereford, Kobe, Galicia, Piedmontese, Chianina, Wolowina Prime Select. Their special taste of Exclusive Meat is due to the balanced feeding of the cattle in green plains.

The Department of Agriculture in the U.S.A. (USDA) assesses beef meat. All beef meat is not the same. The quality of the meat depends not only on the animal itself, but also on the environment, the kind of feeding, the way of slaughter, the age, the packaging and on many other factors. There are eight grades of beef meat according to USDA: Prime, Choice, Select, Standard, Commercial, Utility, Cutter and Canner.

Certified Angus BeefR

This is the certification that the livestock farmers as well as the companies that produce the meat take that assures the breeding of 100% Angus Beef. This certification ensures that what we eat is surely what the label on the packaging mentions (branded meat).


Marbling is the intermingling or dispersion of fat within the lean. Degree of marbling is the primary determination of quality grade; the more marbling, the higher is the quality grade of the meat. Marbling highlights the flavor, increases the juiciness and aromas.

Grain Fed

Grain Fed animals are those that have been fattened with corn, soy and other kinds of feed for almost 5 months before their slaughter. Feeds rich in starch and energy reduce the fattening time, while simultaneously create fatty meat.

Grass Fed

Grass Fed animals are those that have been fed only with breastmilk and chlorophyll. This kind of breeding creates less fatty meat that is darker in color. What is more, these animals should not have taken antibiotics or hormones. On the issue that arises “Which one is better?” grain-fed of grass-fed beef the majority of specialists come to the conclusion that grain-fed beef seems to be more proper for a balanced diet.


Our company ensures and guarantees raw material of high quality. We assess and choose our suppliers carefully in order to meet the requirements of the European legislation with reference to food safety and hygiene. Among our suppliers are selected domestic and foreign farms along with discrete manufacturers that meet high standards of animal breeding and slaughter.

  • We work with more than 1,500 Greek farmers with over 30 Greek Slaughterhouses, all EU codes.
  • We work with the biggest slaughterhouses, laboratories and cooperatives abroad setting high standards aiming at serving the most demanding requirements.

As a result, we have developed solid partnerships with the most recognized manufacturers abroad but also with thousands of Greek livestock farmers, ensuring this way food safety and quality as well as high quality flavors.

Our goals

Our company is active in the meat industry for three generations. With the construction of the Model Unit of Trading- Processing – Meat Standardization and Meat Products Preparation we aim at creating strong trust with the Greek consumer, offering high-standard products. Taking the reliability of the final product as granted, we believe that only this way we can meet the high standards of our times. This trust is solely based on our excellent products and services. This contributes to the empowerment of the position that our company already has - not only in the Greek but also in the European market.

This Unit is equipped with the latest machinery, so as to meet the continually growing requirements of our customers as there are high standards of quality and hygiene. We satisfy all the rules, we have FSSC 22000, ISO 22000: 2005 certifications and we also use a modern traceability system that is a prerequisite for every company that respects their customers.

The main objective of this investment is to take full advantage of all those elements that will put our company into assertive trajectory of further development. For this reason, we are moving in two axes: the development in markets that are closed to us, but also in markets that are open to us and have high potential of further development.

To sum up, the Processing Unit is highly equipped with the latest technological achievements that introduce innovative ideas in production. This way, we enhance the quality level of our products and offered services. This helps us in the development of new, different products, as well as in the optimum use of new methods of customer approaching.

Our company “KREATA MAKEDONIAS” – ASTERIOU BROS with its active commercial policy and in cooperation with the producers and the suppliers invests in the development of quality networks. This way, we assure and increase the variety of our products and meet the continually emerging requirements of Greek butcher shops, super markets and HO.RE.CA.